What clients are saying

I started working with Adam at a time when I knew my business was about to start going big. I knew I was holding myself back but I didn't know how or why.
During my initial meeting with Adam, I immediately felt at ease, he is approachable, relatable, understanding and compassionate.
He's a Great listener and is able to seek out simply the way I'm feeling about situations that are causing me problems in my life simply and in an easy to understand way, giving me full clarity and understanding to move forward. He has helped me to understand in more depth the things that are holding me back, why I'm feeling that way in the first place and encouraged me to put different challenges into practice that have helped me to overcome my obstacles.
I am looking forward to continuing working with Adam and I know he is a big key part in my journey to being confident and successful in my business. I would highly reccomend Adam as a coach to support you in reaching your full potential as a business owner!
                                                     -Leanne T, Wigan

I had life coaching sessions with Adam from practice positive.

What a revelation! -it has helped me on the way to achieving my goals and

has improved my life so much for the better!

Adam was professional and always prompt and on time for our sessions.

I would definitely recommend practice positive to anyone.

                                                    - Anna G, Lincolnshire

Having been on a bit of a rollercoaster both professionally and personally this year, I

’ve dabbled with Personal Development, you know, books and videos etc.

All well and good in theory, but in practice?

I learned nothing

I’m currently having a series of sessions with Adam at Practice Positive.

We have comfortable, easy and open chats once a week over zoom.

Working with Adam has allowed me to visualise my goals, identify what habits hold

me back and how to change them bit by bit and helps to keep my headspace clear and focussed.

I find this “me time” helps me to prioritise my “why” and my self-esteem.

I can highly recommend to anyone in any situation, that you talk to someone. It’s far more beneficial than reading a book or watching a video

It’s what you actually do in practice that matters, and talking about it is the first step, it needn’t be the hardest step you take.

Thanks Adam.

                                                      -Lisa H, Manchester